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Q: I need doughnuts and coffee for a meeting tomorrow! What can I do?
A: Call the café most convenient for pick up and the baristas will get it set up for you

Q: Do you sell coffee-to-go totes?
A: We sure do! Coffee for 12 (plus cups, cream and sugar) is $18.95 and available at all Joe Donut locations.

Q: I need a copy of my receipt, how do I get one?
A: Send us an email with the date of purchase, café you purchased from and the last 4 digits of the card you used. Simple as that!

Q: Do you customize doughnuts?
A: Absolutely! We’ve got a great array of sprinkles and specialty toppings! We can mix and match our frostings/glazes on any of our doughnut offerings.

Q: What type of oil are your doughnuts fried in?
A: We use sustainably harvested zero trans-fat palm oil.

Q: Do you offer vegan or gluten-free doughnuts?
A: We do not prepare vegan or gluten-free doughnuts. We do offer several yummy plant based milks for our espresso drinks.

Q: What are the common allergens in your doughnuts?
A: Nut, Wheat, Soy, Dairy (milk products), Corn and Eggs.

Q: Do you ship out of state?
A: We do not currently offer shipping.